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Established Custom eCommerce Niche Website ePicnic Time (ePicnicTime.com)
  Posted on January 23rd, 2012
Item Main Details
Who Posted: globexwwb
Posted On: January 23rd, 2012
Item Price: $2,200
Item Location: Online USA, USA
Item Description
Search Engine Optimized, eCommerce Custom Niche Website ePicnic Time with 4 Years Old Domain

General Information
ePicnicTime.com has made SEO in mind custom niche start-up website. It is fully developed, Search Engine Optimized eCommerce startup website, built on a heavily modified Zen Cart ™ Shopping Cart. Google PR1

ePicnicTime.com is specializing in selling exclusively Picnic Time outdoor activity products: totes, backpacks, picnic baskets, outdoor furniture, cutting and serving boards, wine carriers and much more from Picnic Time

The number of brands, product types and the number of products can be easily expanded and modified! The website is capable of selling products using Drop Ship service or having real inventory as well. Right now ePicnicTime.com runs on Drop Ship service.

The website is flexible in terms of adding new categories, products and services. It is mostly automated; one person can easily run as a part time job, without any special knowledge.

ePicnicTime.com is 2 years old, recently rebuilt start-up website, runs on a 4 yrs. old, domain. Expiration date is 8/4/2013, registered at GoDaddy.

Customization and Flexibility,
Fully Search Engine Optimized,
Simple Customer Friendly Environment,
Smart Ads Positioning,
Easy to Handle Structure,
Almost No Cost to Run,
Huge amount of relevant, copy written materials,
Easy to upgrade and market,
Great Potential

Lack of marketing

What will you get buying this website:
- A perspicuous, easy to navigate, highly customized, customer friendly online store,
- Professionally designed modern custom website,
- Huge amount of relevant copy written, relevant articles and blogs,
- Search Engine friendly product URLs and navigation, (Every single page has its own relevant META Tags. Title, Description, Keywords!),
- Smart Ads positioning for five different ads to participate on affiliate programs. (Ads wont disturb the harmony of the pages, yet easily viewable and accessible),
- Selected items can be viewed and accessed through RSS Feed,
- Wide variety of payment methods through PayPal SSL Certified payment gateway,
- Express Checkout is available for those customers who have personal PayPal account,

The advantages of using PayPal’s secure payment gateway are:
- No need to maintain a costly Merchant Account,
- No need to purchase and maintain expensive SSL Certificate,
- You only need to set up your own FREE PayPal Account.

More Highlights:
- High quality professional grade product images,
- Automatic Ads rotating system,
- Automated Shipping Cost Calculation,
- Automated Notifications to Admin about Registrations, Sales, Stock Status and more,
- Automated INVOICE to Customer,
- Coupon Service also available,
- Possibility to publish relevant written materials like Articles Blogs Product Reviews, and Recipes for information and marketing purposes,
- Possibility to share pages, products, articles and more on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on,
- Products META Tags can be edited inside the product database,

These are just a few but far not all of the website capabilities

Even though ePicnicTime.com has not been marketed, but because of the well done onsite SEO, it ranks on first page with numerous keywords; some of those are backpack unique picnic gift, picnic bulk wholesale, picnic basket wedding gift. Picnic time products and many more on Google.

Recent Google Analytics available upon request

Reason to sell:
The reason we are selling this site is because we have invested in real estate and so we simply don't have enough time to properly maintain and market the website.

Important Notes:
Upon purchase ePicnicTime.com it will be packed in TGZ or ZIP file format and will be downloadable from a server. MySQL files will be in zip file format. Latest product database will be available in XLS, XLX, .text and MySQL.

ePicnicTime.com runs on Apache/Linux server, Version: PHP5, MySQL 5. The website can stay on the present server or can be installed on a new server by the buyer. After payment received Domain transfer will be done within 3 business days.

Payment will only be accepted through Wire Transfer!

Upon request, professional installation and setup is available on your server, for an additional fee.

Purchase ePicnicTime.com for the list price and get it professionally installed and setup on your server for FREE!

For more info or to make an offer please contact us through the website

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a Template website?
No, this is not a copy and paste, cookie-cutter-made website! ePicnicTime.com is a unique, custom designed online store running on a niche domain, built with search engine optimization in mind. It features Search Engine friendly product URLs and navigation and every single product page has its own relevant META Tags (Title, Description, Keywords!) We’ve made this site for ourselves! (See reason for selling later)

2. Does ePicnicTime.com come with domain name?
Yes, it does! Buying this website you are buying the domain, the design and the product images.

3. What exactly are including in the Price?
- Domain Name
- Design
- Graphics
- Database
- Product Images

4. What is NOT includes in the Price?
- The copyright of Articles, Blogs, Recipes! (It belongs to GLOBEX WW Brands)
- Products (ePicnicTime.com runs on Drop-Ship service that means there is now real inventory)
- Server

5. Do you host the website?
No, we don’t provide hosting services. There are many companies out there; one of them is GoDaddy who offers various hosting services for affordable rates. Right now ePicnicTime.com runs on Apache/Linux server.

6. Is there any other cost other than the price you posted?
If you are buying ePicnicTime.com for the list price, there is no additional fee! If you are buying it for less than the list price AND request installation on your server, the installation will be done for an additional fee.

7. Do you guarantee the website is functional?
You can see it yourself if you go to the live website and browse it. We guarantee that the material we provide for download after purchase has absolutely the same features and qualities that the running site right now. In case you want to install the site on your own, we cannot guarantee your work, but we guarantee that with proper installation it WILL WORK!

8. Can I install this website myself?
Yes, you can. We will give you instructions on how to do it, but please read the prior paragraph also.

9. Does ePicnicTime.com make money?
ePicnicTime.com is a custom made, fully developed, Search Engine Optimized eCommerce niche start-up website. Even though it produces a few hundred dollars yearly, we tend to describe as a no income start-up website, the reason why is the lack of marketing. You will need to do some promotion to get more traffic to the website. True wealth can only be achieved by your own drive, desire, determination and work.

10. Do you provide support after sale?
We do not! However, even though our sale price does not include support, we will help you and give you advise through emails, upon request.

11. Would you run this website for me?
No, we do not! We simply don't have enough time to properly maintain, promote and market the website. This will be your site, your business, your responsibility and your enjoyment.

12. How many people can run ePicnicTime.com?
One person can easily run this site! Later on, after promoting and intensive marketing it may need more than just one person to run it, but at the beginning it will be a one-man-show.

13. I have no experience with websites, is it possible for me to run this site?
Our answer is yes, because it is really not a big challenge! If you are a little bit venturesome and have a basic knowledge of computer and internet, if you know a little bit of Microsoft Word and Excel, you can run this site easily. ePicnicTime.com has a simple, easy to navigate Admin Control Panel, which is very user friendly. Thru the Admin you can manage the site and have total control of it.

14. There are affiliate ads on the site; do I need to sign up with any affiliates?
Yes, you should. You would need to sign up with companies like GoDaddy, Google AdSense or other well-known affiliates and have your own contract with them. Because it will be your own agreement with those affiliates, we are not responsible for any results you will have with those companies. We simply do not have any control over it. Until the setup of your own affiliate program, the existing ones can stay on the website.

15. Do I buy the copyright for the written materials posted on the site?
No, you do not! Other than the Product Descriptions, all written material is unique and copyrighted; including index page text and category introduction texts, all belongs to the website, owned by GLOBEX WW Brands! It can stay on the website as long as the site exist, but cannot be modified or used anywhere else! For example, you cannot take an article off the site and post it on your other site or on a blog site as your own. If you decide to replace the index page text with your own, you are free to do that, but you cannot use the original text anywhere else but on ePicnicTime.com

16. Can I modify the existing META Tags on the website?
Yes, you can! You or someone who markets your website can change and modify all META Tags on the website.

17. Can I add my own content to the website after purchase?
Of course you can! This is your website, your business you can do whatever you want to do. You can add new articles, blogs and other written materials like product reviews. You can redesign or otherwise modify the site adding or removing categories, pages and so on.

18. Can I resell the website if I decided to do so?
Yes, you can! Buying ePicnicTime.com you are buying everything that belongs to the site, other than the products and the mentioned copy written materials and so, it is your property that means you have the right to resell it.

19. What are the costs to run ePicnicTime.com?
Just to run the site, it will cost you only the hosting and the Domain Registration fee. Of course, if you decide to promote and market the website by someone else, it will cost you, but you have total control over these expenses.

20. Why are you selling this website?
We’ve been running numerous custom made websites based on our prior business plan. As we wrote above, we simply don't have enough time to properly maintain and market it.

21. If after purchase I change my mind, will you refund the purchase price?
No, we will not! In the Description and FAQ we give so much information about this website that as we think it is more than enough to make a substantive decision. In addition to that, we are always ready to answer all of your questions before purchase has been made, so we simply don’t see any reason to offer a refund. That is why we state in the Description: ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Once the transfer is complete there will be no refunds.

22. Can I trust that what you are saying is the truth about ePicnicTime.com?
Yes, you can! We did our best not to mislead you with the provided information. We rather state less and at the end show more. On the other hand, please do your own homework! There are many free tools available on the internet which you can use to valuate ePicnicTime.com

23. Do you still have questions?
Do not hesitate to contact us through the website, we will be more than happy to answer your questions!
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 Price: $2,200
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